The beginning of the game

Do you start CS: GO and want to earn badges? You can`t advance your rank?
Before accessing the rank system one must play and win ten unranked matches.
These matches will give you a lot of skills, and you`ll get to the higher or lower rank depending on your win ratio and productivity. The highest rank one can get is the Legendary Eagle Master.

What does the rank depend on?

As we have already said, nobody knows exactly, what effects the rank. The only way to get it to know is to make your own mistakes and to get your own experience.

Your rivals` and your rank

The CS:GO determines the rank by using one f the Elo techniques. The higher your rank is, the less you have from winning the more you lose from the failure.
The opposite concerns a gamer with a lower rank. Even the players of one team have different rank changes depending on the individual rank.

The percentage of wins and defeats in a match

The more rounds of the match you win – the more experience you get. CS:GO competitive matches work out of 30 at best. It means you can win during 16 rounds. A draw can also influence your rank in comparison with other players` rank.

About MVP award

The Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) is given to the gamer, who has the best productivity for a round. There is also a small star next to the gamer`s name. The MVP award can be given to a member of the winning team, if the match ends before the expiration time. What is it made for? Personal achievements shouldn`t be more important than the team`s goals.

What doesn`t influence the rank?

Let`s start considering all those myths that concern CS:GO. Rumours as if they affect the ranks not only worsens the CS:GO experience but also makes you waste your energy on useless things.

The listed things don`t affect the rank:

  1. any kind of skills;
  2. the hostage saves (unless you get MVP);
  3. achievements;
  4. headshots and accuracy;
  5. the scoreboard position and K/D/A results (unless you get MVP).

How to get the high rank quickly?

How to get a csgo boost?

  • Try to play regularly, without long pauses.
  • Practice as much as you can.
  • Prepare for the game, think of your strategy.
  • Find out your locations.
  • Learn more trade tricks.
  • Never forget to play for your team, try to win.