Selecting the right server is important

If you adore spending time playing with your friends, it`s important to choose a server with a good ping for each of you. For example, one player is from the West Coast and his comrades are from the East Cost. That`s why they use Texas servers to play the game.

Almost no defrauders in Esea

There are much less scammers in Esea. Many gamers suppose that a monthly payment influences this fact. And there is one more explanation. All the Steam accounts, that are used by the players, are connected with their ESEA account. That`s why disposable Steam accounts can`t be used, if they were banned by VAC. And they are not seen in Esea profile after this. Besides, regular matchmaking is convenient for many gamers.

The main plus of Esea

There are no Australian servers for Esea. The latter has an outside anti-cheat client, which is not perfect, however it works rather well. The principal advantage of Esea lies in its community high competitiveness.

It is supposed that Esea in the USA should provide PUGS without cheaters. This will also be a platform for competitive league play. For now the former is questionable and the latter depends on the first point.

Some more information about Esea

Some of the players have dual feelings concerning Esea. All the gamers have a microphone and their only aim is to win. Fortunately, there were only few players who acted dishonestly.

The servers are good here. If a gamer has 128 ticks, he may consider it weird, that there were no cheaters while he was playing. Alt pug has similar features with Esea. So it`s worth to try it first. But there is a person in each game, who leaves after losing in rounds. In Esea no one wants to quit the game beforehand, as it`s much more interesting to play until the end.

One more peculiar feature about Esea. It tracks your statistics and reproduces a set of rules with short defuse timers.

Should one buy esea account? If you are an avid player, then yes. Especially since you know its advantages and disadvantages.