Vertigo boost

A lot of customers complained that Vertigo boosting had been changed. It`s beyond the bounds of possibility to get rid of the mistake that hinders Vertigo boosting. Fortunately, now it`s working well, though the price has increased. A lot of websites have settled their price I accordance with the new Vertigo boosting methods.

Vedrtigo boosting has been recently developed. This is the way of boosting, where you must compete with global elite accounts. Each account remains AFK, and your goal is killing your enemies. This may be considered the quickest and the cheapest way to get to the higher rank and realize your dream.

Vertigo Boosting is a safe service, and you may not be worried you`ll be banned. Vertigo is not a very favoured map on csgo. So it`s rather easy for the bots to be left with the customers.

The boosting service on lots of sites signifies that there`s no need in giving your account information. To keep your anonymity it`s not obligatory for you to make friends with the specified bots.

Choosing the right website

Fast matches

As a rule, 90 minutes are spent on the ordinary match. However thanks to Vertigo boosting it takes only 10 minutes. This service works rapidly, and you won`t be banned.

The money back

Any person can get their money back if they don`t attain the awaited rank during one week. The Premium boosting service is a high-level and smooth Vertigo boost.

Every client needs an assistant

It`s not an ordinary support that you see on different sites. The expert will assist you with Vertigo boosting. There is no need for you to solve this problem on your own.

Different hacks and malicious scripts are absent

You don`t need to download special programs. You can play this game manually. Your only aim is destroying the bots. There were no cases of vac bans because of Vertigo boosting.