What about Vertigo boosting in 2020?

Clients used to complain that Vertigo boosting had been changed. It`s impossible to completely correct the mistake which bothers Vertigo boosting. Now it`s known that it works well, although its price has risen.

Many sites have arranged their price policy according to the new Vertigo boosting procedures.

Vertigo boosting has been developed not long ago, it`s a boosting method, where your rivals are global elite accounts. Every account remains AFK, and your only aim is to kill your enemies. It`s the fastest and cheapest way of getting higher ranks and realizing your dream.

Vertigo Boosting is definitely safe, and you won`t be banned for sure. Vertigo is the least popular map on CS2, that`s why it`s not a problem to leave the bots with the clients.
The boosting service on many websites indicates that you don`t have to give your account information or something like this. If you don`t want it – you even don`t have to be friends with the provided bots for keeping your anonymity.

How to choose the correct web resource?

You can get your money back, this is guaranteed
One has the right to order the full money back if he doesn`t receive the desired rank within one week. The Premium boosting service means a smooth and qualitative boost.

There are no malicious scripts and hacks

No special software has to be downloaded. The game can be led manually. The only thing you should do is killing the bots. There were no situations of being vac banned because of vertigo boosting.

Quick matches

Usually one match takes ninety minutes, but due to vertigo boosting it comprises only ten minutes. The service is prompt, and there is no ban.

A special assistant has to be provided
This is more than just a support. This professional will help you with the whole procedure of vertigo boosting. You won`t faceit alone.